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About Kitty Kat Sleepover

Your Boutique Cattery for short term, long term and day care stays

We promise to serve your cat and your family with integrity, honesty and loyalty.

Cattery - Kitty Kat Sleepover

Welcome To Kitty Kat Sleepover

Kitty Kat Sleepover is a five star boutique cattery based in the heart of Burleigh Heads which means you no longer need to travel long distances to safely board your pet leaving you more time and less hassle before you head off on your holiday or business trip. We also offer a convenient pick up and drop off service giving you even greater peace of mind!

Kitty Kat Sleepover offers value for money with competitive rates, quality food and a facility designed for maximum safety, hygiene and comfort.

Kitty Kat Sleepover understand the apprehension and anxiety you experience when it comes to leaving your fur babies with a stranger. We feel the exactly same way when it comes to our little ones.
We promise to respect, care for and treat your fur baby as it was our own. It is a privilege and honour that you have chosen to place your trust in us we will not let you down.

Why choose us over a pet sitter?

What sets the KITTY CAT SLEEPOVER team apart?
  • Over 30 years of experience within our small close knit team of veterinary + cattery professionals.
  • Consistency in the staff you see, so we get to know you and your pet.
  • A veterinary nurse is present to assist with cat care and medicationsĀ A passion for working with our more nervous patients to give them the most stress-free holiday.
  • Personalised menus, fluffy doonas, TVs.
  • Volunteer Cat cuddlers and Playroom
  • A team who genuinely cares about your fur baby and provides them with the same level of care and compassion we would for our own.
  • We are an independent small business, locally owned by a Gold Coast family.
We adore showing off our premises during our opening hours, so pop in and see us , it is such a fabulous experience.
Check our opening times when you can pop in and view our premises and meet our staff.

Why choose us over other catteries?

Professional boarding facilities are all very similar in the care they give the difference in each is location, size and setup. Which facility you choose will come down to which one suits your needs best.

What Kitty Kat Sleepover offers is a smaller, more personal service for those wanting a safe and secure environment for the short to medium length stay. Our emphasis is on health and wellbeing - through health checks, exercise, and human interractions.

Meet The Team

We are a Boutique Cattery for short term, long term and day care stays in Burleigh. We have cared for hundreds of happy customers over the past 3 years and our cat residents come in all shapes and sizes, ages, health, behaviours and everyone gets specialised attention and care.

“Our Luca loved his holiday away from home while we went away. The service was amazing! Nothing but friendly and accommodating. This will be his holiday home for all our holidays ! Definitely recommend Kitty Kat Sleepover šŸ˜ thank you !”

Tannie L
Facility -Burleigh Heads Cattery - Kitty Kat Sleepover

Paula Brand

Cattery - Kitty Kat Sleepover
Photographer & Cat Cuddler

Bella Brand

Kitty Kat Sleepover - Cattery
Vet Nurse & Assistant


Cattery Professional boarding facilities - Kitty Kat Sleepover
Vet Nurse & Assistant


Mr Spratt Kitty Kat Sleepover
Volunteer Assistant