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Cat boarding guest rooms

Most professional boarding facilities are all similar in the care they give - the difference between each is the location, size and setup of the guest rooms. Which facility you choose will come down to which one suits both your and your cat's needs best.

Our boutique cattery is conveniently located in Burleigh Heads which means there is no need to travel long distances to have your best fur friend taken care of while you are away from home.

Kitty Kat Sleepover is the newest addition to cat boarding facilities on the Gold Coast. Being a smaller facility means that we get to spend more one on one time with our guests and lets face it all our fur friends love that extra cuddle time with the hoomans!

Our stunning professional cat boarding guest rooms are purpose built for your beautiful fur cat babies to enjoy and is perfect for short term, long term and day care stays. Our boutique cattery and cat boarding guest rooms and facilities include:

  • 41 individual rooms
  • 8 convert into double rooms to cater for a family stay
  • Climate controlled reverse cycle air conditioning. Comfort all year round!
  • Televisions to give the at home feel
  • Morning & afternoon full clean every day
  • Hammock
  • Personal food and water bowl
  • Comfy bed to relax in
  • Hidey-hole for those that want their privacy
  • Scratch Post
  • Toys
  • Convenient location in Burleigh Heads

Professional boarding facilities