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Frequently Asked Questions

Kitty Kat Sleepover

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my cat get to socialise with other cats?

That’s entirely up to you and your cat. Many of our sleepover guests enjoy playing with other guests. If you would like to socialise your cat you can be safe in the knowledge that they will be supervised at all times.

Do the cats get to go outside?

No. We are a small boarding facility in an industrial estate which provides a quick and easy to get to location but doesn’t allow for outside play. Our facility is one of the few that can offer total climate control (warm in the winter and cool in the summer) at an affordable price. This being said our facility provides all our guests with extra human affection so they feel right at home.

Do I need to bring my own food?

No. We feed our guests a variety of quality dry and wet foods that satisfies the fussiest of felines. If you’d prefer to bring your own food we request that all dry food is in an airtight plastic container and labeled with your Kitty’s name. Please note that if your cat is on a prescription diet you’ll need to supply.

Does our cat need to be vaccinated?

Yes. We require all three kitten vaccinations plus any annual vaccinations which are F3 or above. On arrival we will collect a copy of the vaccination certificates.

Does my cat need to be desexed?

Yes. Why? When an undesexed cat reaches maturity their bodies are flooded with hormones which drastically alter their personality. Male cats become aggressive, extremely territorial and develop behaviours such as spraying, biting and excessive vocalisation. These behaviours can dramatically affect the comfort and safety of all our quests.

What happens if my cat gets sick?

If your cats should become sick during their stay with us we will seek veterinary attention and will do our best to contact you if possible to let you know what is happening.

What should I bring for along for my stay?

There is no need to bring anything along with you because we supply everything to make our guests comfortable. If you would like to bring along a special blanket or bowl you’re more than welcome just remember to label it.

Do you give special medications or is that an extra charge?

Yes, we do give medications but at this stage only oral at this time. There is no extra charge for this care.

How can I pay?

Cash, Credit Card, Eftpos, Direct Debit